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The Unofficial Rachel Blakely FanSite

The Unofficial Rachel Blakely FanSite



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Rachel Blakely was born on 28th July 1968 on Borneo. Her middle name is Leigh – a family name from her father´s side. She likes it very much, and when she was little, she was even threatening her mother she would tell her new school mates it was her first name. Her mother only laughed and told her she could call herself whatever she wanted. Rachel and Ruth Blakely

Rachel´s father is American, her mother was from Australia, but there are also Scottish, German, English and American Indian ancestors in different degrees in her family tree.

Rachel was the first child – but not the only one. Several years later her sister Ruth was born. They have a very close relationship. Their mother unfortunatelly died in 1980, when Rachel was only 12. From that moment her father became the most important person in her life – as she once said, father „has been mother, father, teacher, confidate, security blanket“ and „a sole reason for living through many hard times.“

Rachel has been living in Australia since she was 12-years-old. She grew up on a farm full of animals. It was a rather happy time for her, although it´s true she was chased by an angry bull or cow from time to time.

Before she came to be an actress, Rachel had several different jobs. Thought she could seem like a fragile female, she was a nightclub bouncer and drove the tractor. She cleaned a printing press, chipped weed out of cotton and worked as a short order cook. She also made a quite succesfull career as a model. Her first „modeling“ job was a hair poster (she was still at school at that time), but as time went by, she appeared in a Nissan commercial, and her final break-up came when she became a new Cover girl of magazine Cleo, leaving thousands of other girls behind her. She was 21 at that time. She was working for Chadwick – the same model agency as Will Snow – her future TV partner.

Tales of the South SeasHer acting debut came in the early 1990´s, when she was casted as Gaby Willis in popular Australian soap opera called Neighbours. Despite her fears, everything worked out perfectly and she fell in love with the acting. Since that she got many roles as a guest star in many popular TV shows such as Blue Heelers, Xena or Flipper, and also appeared in movies together with Joe Lando or Jackie Chan.


The Lost WorldRachel became world-wide known especially thanks to two TV shows – Tales of the South Seas and The Lost World. In both of them her acting partner was William Snow and it was their incredible chemistry that was one of the main reasons of success of the series. Unfortunatelly for thousands of fans The Tales and The Lost World untimely ended, and they had to wait a while for another Rachel appearance on the screen.


That eagerly awaited appearance turned out to be a role of Glendy Fry in a kid´s TV show Mortified, which tells a story of a young girl (Rachel´s „daughter“) who is always embarrased by her family.


The little Cooper Lee Rigby in 2004

There were several really important moments in Rachel´s private life. She was married to an actor Peter Craig, but later they got divorced and Rachel grew really close to the one of the stuntmen of The Lost World, Sean Rigby. Rachel at first thought Sean was actually stalking her, but in the end she fell in love with him as well.

In 2003 Rachel gave a birth to her first child – a boy named Cooper Lee. Her pregnancy was not an easy one – when she was in the second month, she went to a 90 – minute bike ride and ended up with a broken coccyx. She was ordered to lie on her side or stand the entire pregnancy. She also had a build-up of fluid on her retina and because of that she had to wear an eye-patch. There was a danger, that a natural birth would damage her eyes and Rachel was not ready to risk such a thing, and so the only option was in the end a caesarean section. Still she doesn´t think she was robbed of something.
Her second son, Nash was born in early 2009.


Rachel was kind enough to answer many of her fans´ questions. Thanks to that we know that:

  1. she feels much more comfortable and atractive in dresses
  2. she loves the sound of rain on a tin roof
  3. the most romantic evening she can imagine is every evening with TV switched off
  4. she has no trouble handeling a whip, even owns one
  5. the scar on her right eyelid is actually a birthmark
  6. she doesn´t smoke and has no tatoos
  7. her favourite colour is red
  8. she and Sean have a cat called Friday, but she calls him Fat cat
  9. her eyes are GREEN (not blue, not grey)
  10. one day she would like to remembered by her children as a pillar of the family, never judgmental, but forever caring and bringing joy
  11. her nickname is Bubba – another word for „Baby“
  12. she is 170 cm tall
  13. she hates wooden ice cream sticks: she just cannot touch them

Rachel Blakely is a beauty icon, unusually talented actress and also a very warm-hearted woman. We all hope she´ll bring even more joy to our TV screens in years to come.
And if you´ve read this far, you´re surely one of her admirers already.



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