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The Unofficial Rachel Blakely FanSite

The Unofficial Rachel Blakely FanSite



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Directors: Evan Clarry ,Ian Gilmour…
Genre: comedy/family
Country: Australia




Mortified tells the adventures of Taylor Fry (Marny Kennedy), a eleven-years-old girl, and her chaotic family. Her sister Layla (Djana Cahill) is older than Taylor, and they don’t get on well; her mum Glenda Fry (Rachel Blakely) is a kind of hippy woman; her dad Don Fry (Andrew Blackman) is the underpant king; her best friend, Hector (Nicolas Dunn), her friend Brittany (Maia Mitchel) and her classmate..well Taylor loves Leon (Luke Erceg) 
It tells how Taylor is ashamed by her family and she want to prove she isn’t who she really is.
It is an aussie production, made in 2006-2007, and there are 26 episodes.


Rachel Blakely’s role

Rachel Blakely plays as Glenda Fry, Taylor’s mother. She wears strange clothes,  she is very hippy. Although many times she does her daughter is ashamed, she loves her a lot and her family too.
Her job isn’t clear. She does massages and invents a lot of cosmetics products. She believes a lot with her cousin Mystic Marge who claims to know how to read the future...



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